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Frequently asked questions

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Common Questions

What are autoresponders and follow up messages?

An autoresponse message is an email that you can automatically send out to anyone who contacts you, either through your web pages or by email. Follow up messages are emails that you normally have to type and send out yourself over the days and weeks following your autoresponse. PIM autoresponder will not only send your autoresponse but will also send your follow up messages automatically, at intervals that you choose.

What is the difference between plain text and HTML messages?

HTML allows you to create attractive emails. This can have more impact than a plain text email and can be used to create a more compelling message. To send HTML emails you create your message in HTML format. PIM autoresponder allows you to send messages either in plain text or HTML text.

How do I know when someone requests information?

Automatic email notifications are sent to inform you that your autoresponder has been triggered. These itemise the person's name and email address. Additionally, through your administration area, you have access to a full reporting details online.

How long can the messages be?

There is no limit to the length of the messages that you create.

How are unsubscribes dealt with?

All messages sent from your system have an unsubscribe link included. If someone uses this link they are automatically removed from your database. Additionally, if you need to remove a client manually you can do so through your administration area.

Can I customise the 'From' address?

All messages sent by the system will appear to have come from the email account of your choice.

Can I import a database?

Yes, PIM autoresponder lets you import client details from an existing database or mailing list. You can also add them manually through your administration area.

Can I export and search my database?

Yes. You can export data from the system to enable back ups or for use in other systems. Additionally you can search for specific clients by various criteria through your administration area.

Do I have to have a website to use PIM autoresponder?

No, PIM autoresponder can be purely triggered by email. For example you could put on all advertising "For more information please email". This email can be forwarded to PIM autoresponder so that it will automatically reply, add the client to your database and then follow them up.

How can I integrate PIM autoresponder into my website?

From your administration area you can generate a form based upon the information you wish to collect, for example Name, Address, email, phone, postcode etc. Once you have chosen your specific fields the system will automatically generate the form code necessary, which can be cut and pasted to your website to enable automatic data capture.

Can I email selectively?

Yes, PIM autoresponder enables you to search your database. This provides for precise targetting of your messages dependent on what you know about your customer and their expressed interests or preferences.

Can I add and delete individuals manually?

Yes, you can do this easily through your administration area

Can I back up my data?

Yes, you can export all data from your database if you wish.

What happens if I lose my Password?

The system is set up so that should you lose your password there is fail-safe mechanism through which you can retrieve it.

Where is my client information stored?

On our specialist servers.

Who will have access to my account?

Only people who you have authorised, that is to say, password holders.

How do I get help?

Our support team are always available to assist you. Within the administration area there are clear and easy to follow help files available in relation to each function.

What happens to emails sent in reply to messages from the system?

All email replies will be sent to a default email account which is decided by you.

How can I get further information about PIM autoresponder?

You can get information about PIM autoresponder, and our other services, by calling us now on: (44) (0)161 766 1742 or complete this form and submit it to us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible or click on the "talk to us right now" button below to set up a conversation with us.
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