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Password management in Smartermail

Smartermail allows administrators and individuals to set and reset passwords. There is also a method of password recovery.

The System Admin is responsible for setting password policy. It is important that passwords are strong and, although Smartermail does not have its own strong password generator (yet!), there are many online generators available from, for example, LastPass and Dashlane.

Once the policy is set and stringently enforced, anyone creating a new account password, or changing the existing one, has to conform with those rules. Typically this would be something like 8 minimum character of which one has to be uppercase, one a number and one a special character.

The password can be accessed via the user account when logging in to the Smartermail webmail account of the user or the admin account which has access to all the others.

There is also an option to display the password for Sys Admins but not for anyone else

Each company or web host will have its own policy regarding resetting passwords. Some may not be prepared to give out the password under any circumstances in which case the visibility will be set off.

The password set up via webmail is the same password that must be used to connect the account using POP or IMAP to a mail client.

Users should be encouraged when first logging in to their webmail account to set up a secondary email that they can access to reset their own passwords. This can take a lot of effort away from admins who are often plagued by calls from users who can’t remember their passwords. If the policy is never to give out a password there are only two options: reset yourself using the secondary email or ask sysadmin to reset it for you with a temporary password which you should then change.

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