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Simple Content Filtering in Smartermail

Did you know that via the Smartermail web interface you can mark individual emails in your inbox as Spam? What this does is to add that address to a knowledge base which is used by the server to identify spam in the future. Highlight the email in question and either right click and choose Actions or choose Actions from the menu above the email [...]

Smartermail – the battle against the spammers

Spam filters can never be 100% efficient. Smartermail has the ability for system administrators to see the recent traffic passing through the spool. It will quickly identify Its and mail servers which have sent or attempted to send higher levels of email through the server. Sometimes this reveals certain tell-tale patterns of spam. A good indicator is a [...]

Smartermail’s big spam stopper – greylisting

I like greylisting, not least of all because it’s a British invention which forces the Americans to spell ‘grey’ as ‘grey’ not ‘gray’; but joking apart: Greylisting is a technique which ON A PER USER basis looks at the email sender’s address and, if not encountered previously within a specified time period, rejects the email and asks the [...]
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