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Search Engine Promotion and Natural Listings

Search Engine Optimisation looks at a web page and alters the structure and text of that page to make it optimally visible for Search Engines, especially Google, with respect to specific ‘terms’, that is words or phrases.

You can have multiple terms on one page but it is recommended you use fewer to maximise the chances of top ranking.

Once a page is optimised for a ‘term’ it is submitted regularly to the major Search Engine indexes.

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Search Engine Adwords

We can run a CPC (cost per click) campaign based on a set of phrases which will immediately provide Google exposure. Adwords are the Google ads you see down the right hand side of any Google search page. The campaigns are managed according to an agreed budget. We can use our extensive experience in this area to ensure the right keywords are promoted for the right links. See Keyword Analysis below.

Keyword Analysis

We undertake a thorough keyword analysis to try and find niches within the market for your company and give you guidance on what keywords to market your site and how to do it. A keyword analysis can produce some fascinating results to show what the customer is really looking for in your market place. We work with you to find the best keywords and afterwards conduct a thorough competition analysis with explanation of the results. This analysis will guide you on what marketing decisions to make in promoting your website and bring more traffic and sales.

Google Product Search and other portal site uploads

There are various portals available on the web which allow searching for specific products. These could be termed ‘Meta sites’ and include Google Product Search and Kelkoo. These work by accepting regular uploads of products and prices in a specific file format.

We have experience of writing code which will extract the data from your database, create the correct file format and upload it to the site or sites on a nightly basis. This is a completely automated procedure.

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