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WordPress is our preferred platform for smaller sites or sites with a simple e-commerce requirement. WordPress is a flexible and extensible platform which is supported by millions of developers across the world.

WordPress also allows our customers to manage the content of their own websites, if they wish, via its extensive administration area.

Adding functionality to WordPress sites is usually a simple matter of adding a plug-in which provides that added functionality.

This website is built on a WordPress framework.


Magento is the framework we use for medium to large e-commerce solutions. Like WordPress it is extensible and flexible.


Providing our customers with email is one of the most important aspects of our business. We use Smartermail and can provide you with access to your email via a web interface that will allow you to manage your email from anywhere in the world or using a mobile device.

We can also provide server-side spam filtering and virus checking.


Our statistics package provided by SmarterStats is extremely versatile and feature-rich with extensive reporting functions and graphical visualisations.


PIMautoresponder is a fully functional sequential autoresponder. This is a powerful tool for collecting fully qualified email addresses for marketing purposes and keeping in regular contact with your customers and sales leads via email campaigns.

PIMautoresponder can be used as a stand-alone product but is more effectively integrated into your website via a sign-up form.

Because PIMautoresponder runs on its own server it is capable of mass mailings of several thousand without being tagged as a spamming server. In fact, PIMautoresponder has several features to protect against spamming.

Only fully qualified email addresses are permitted. When someone signs up or is signed up they will be sent an email asking them to verify their address. All emails sent by PIMautoresponder have an unsubscribe link.

More information on PIMautoresponder


PIMchat allows you to talk directly to your site visitors and increase sales. Installation is straightforward.

When a site visitor wants to chat, provided an agent is logged in, there will be an audible alert and you can get talking. if no agent is available, the visitor can send a contact request.

This is a great way of talking directly to potential customers and gaining more sales.


PIMVoip is our Voice Over IP full PBX telephone system which can drastically reduce your company’s phone bill – please contact us for details.

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