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PIM autoresponder

Keeping in touch with your customers is an integral part of successful business, but can be time consuming and costly. Email is an ideal solution: it’s powerful, low cost and effective. PIM autoresponder is an automated tool which enables you to deliver personalised information to both existing and potential customers and automatically follow up over the coming days, weeks and months.

Respond to enquiries automatically

Any enquiries will instantly receive your preset message and will be followed up automatically by a sequence of pre-planned messages as set by you.

PIM autoresponder can send an unlimited number of automatic email messages that are triggered by an initial enquiry from a client or a manual entry through your administration area. Follow-up of potential clients is automatic – once you have created your sequence of messages the system will respond to all initial enquiries. This can maximise your advertising spend, increase conversion rates and reduce advertising conversation.

Automated customer follow up with personalised messages

PIM autoresponder allows you to personalise all emails sent. Adding the personal touch to your messages dramatically increases the response rate. PIM autoresponder allows you to use definable fields within your emails. “Dear Sally ” at the top of the email will grab Sally’s attention far more than “Dear Customer”! In addition to items such as forename or surname, PIM autoresponder allows further personalisation within the body copy of the text. High levels of personalisation within email dramatically increases response.

Complete control of message content and timing

Through a password protected, easy-to-use web based menu you will gain access to your personal administration area. Here you can specify the content of each message, and when it is to be sent, along with any personalisation details. Messages can be in plain text or HTML formatted. Within the administration area there are integrated instructional and help files that allow you to manage your system. You have complete autonomy over timing and content of all of your messages.

Maintains and builds your customer database

Collecting and storing information from customers or potential customers is one of most important functions your website can perform. With PIM autoresponder you have a powerful data collection tool that can be integrated easily and seamlessly with your website.

PIM autoresponder can collect and store up to 25 pieces of information from each customer. In addition to details such as name, address, phone number and so on, it can contain “question and answer” sets to gather details of customer preferences and other demographic details. PIM autoresponder will automatically generate the necessary Form Code to place on your web site. Any enquiry will be automatically logged and responded to.

In addition, you can import client details from an existing database or add them manually through your administration area.

Precise targetting of your messages

PIM autoresponder allows you to search your client data via any field you choose. This provides for precise targetting of your messages dependent on what you know about your customer and their expressed interests or preferences.

Use existing client data

In addition to collecting information from your website, PIM autoresponder lets you import client details from an existing database or mailing list. You can also add them manually through your administration area.

Send client newsletters

As well as using PIM autoresponder to automatically follow up clients you can use it as a broadcast tool for monthly newsletters or new product launches. Using an email newsletter is an effective way to keep in touch with your customers and prospects on a regular and scheduled basis. Your newsletter can include articles on topics of interest to your readers, relevant news, case studies, your own commentary on the issues of your industry, useful information about your products or services, or anything else you feel is beneficial. A regular newsletter keeps you visible to your customers, and serves as a subtle reminder for them to return to your website, buy your product, use your service or visit your retail store.

Automatic handling of “unsubscribe” requests

You should allow your clients the option to ‘Opt Out’ from your email list. All emails sent by PIM autoresponder include an unsubscribe link. This enables recipients of your emails to unsubscribe automatically and receive instant notification that their wishes have been actioned. This is essential “netiquette”; being automatic, it saves you an enormous amount of time. Additionally you can unsubscribe individuals manually.

Further information

The answers to many commonly asked questions about PIM autoresponder are on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page. Alternatively, contact us for further information.

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