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PIMdesign – Design, Hosting and Marketing

Let’s be clear..  there can be nothing more dissatisfying than a website that runs slow, fails to work as expected and a service provider that doesn’t answer your calls.

There is a discernible difference between a cheap mass hosting provider and one like PIMdesign.

PIMdesign is a small team of people that care. We are genuinely passionate about keeping your online business running twenty four hours a day.

What’s more, is that we understand business .. not just because we run one ourselves but because we trade online every day.

When you get cheap, you get exactly what you paid for. But when you need the support and experience that’s when you undestand the importance of a professional hosting company.

All our servers are supported by a managed hosting team who are available to us 24 hours a day. They answer our calls immediately when we call and deal with any issues on the spot.

Recently a new client of ours came to us because he was fed up with his current provider.

He told us that he couldn’t contact them, that they ignored his emails constantly, the site had errors, he couldn’t make changes and all in all it was an embarrassment.

PIMdesign stepped in and suggested a plan of action. We took over the hosting of the site, sorted out all issues and then agreed a plan for a fresh new design he would be proud of.

We can help you too … why not contact us .. I can be reached on 01617661742 or by email

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