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PIMdesign is looking for new clients who want new customers

.. I admit it .. not because we don’t have any LOL .. no, because the clients we have say we offer them a professional responsive service at really affordable costs.

This week we completed an IOS and Android app, completed a couple of websites, we sent out regular mailshots for our clients, continued to keep our clients SEO results on the first page and manage their Adwords campaigns.

But we’d like to help and work with others.

Do you know anyone looking for a reliable host, someone that needs assistance with their website, hosting and marketing? Let me know and if we sign them up as our clients we’ll send you a Pen Rest¬†as a thank you!

I’ll guarantee to cut this new clients current hosting fees in half for the first year with us. What’s more, we’ll sort out all the transfer and they’ll not start to pay the 50% fees until the date of their current hosts renewal date.

If you know a company or individual that needs PIMdesigns help, someone looking for a professional team that loves to work with its clients, passionate about increasing their bottom line then inbox me or send me an email.

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