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Domain Names

PIMdesign is a registered Nominet Channel Partner which means we are able to provide our customers with UK domain name ccTLDs:,,,,,

We are also able to secure .com, .eu .net and other gTLD domain names.

Nominet Member

Nominet Terms and Conditions

When we purchase domains on your behalf you are subject to Nominet’s terms and Conditiions which can be found here.

It is a condition of purchase that you agree to these conditions before we purchase a UK domain on your behalf. You will be asked by us to verify by email that you have read these conditions.

PIMdesign Terms and Conditions for Domain Name Registration

PIMdesign take instruction from customers to purchase domain names on their behalf. We do not provide a mechanism for our customers to purchase domain names directly. Domain names are normally purchased for a registration period of two years unless agreed otherwise. Payment becomes due immediately on purchase.

We will advise of renewals 30 days before domain name registration lapses.

A request to purchase a domain name must be made in writing or by email.

PIMdesign will require an individual’s name or company name, full postal address, contact name and phone number and, where appropriate, a Company registration number. We will also need to know whether the registration is for an individual, sole trader, limited company etc.

Service Level for Domain Name Registration

The registrant will inform PIMdesign of a domain name(s) that they wish to purchase. PIMdesign will check availability on behalf of the registrant and advise within one working day.

Once the customer has agreed and acknowledges they have read the Terms and Conditions, the domain name will be purchased on their behalf and an invoice raised. This will happen within one working day of the request but usually in a smaller time frame.

Complaints and Abuse

If the registrant is, for any reason, not satisfied with the service provided by PIMdesign they should, in the first instance, contact us on 0161 766 1742 or email

As we only register domains for existing customers it is highly unlikely that such a circumstance will arise. PIMdesign will be responsible for the correct domain name registration which will be checked by email with the registrant before purchase.

In extreme cases where the registrant is still not satisfied they have the right to go directly to Nominet for arbitration for UK TLDs.

If a registrant or any member of the public has a specific abuse complaint such as phishing scams or spam emails from a domain registered with us please email us at

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