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PIMdesign reboots its website

There’s an old adage that gardners’ gardens are overgrown, hairdressers are unkempt and web designers’ websites are never updated.

We decided to give the lie to that adage (even though we kind of made it up ourselves a little).

So, welcome to the new-look PIMdesign, responsive, gob-smacking, knock-me-down-with-a-feather website!

At last, our own website reflects some of the new trends in web design.

Over recent years you may have noticed something called ‘the mobile phone’ or ‘the mobile’ – even though Americans insist on calling it a cell-phone, which sounds like something a prisoner/convict would use to make that one call to his ‘Mom’.

Mobiles have driven the web-design industry to adopt new ways of building websites. The reasons are clear: everyone uses a mobile, now, right? A mobile phone has a tiny screen compared to a PC or Mac. If you just shrink the site you can see onto a phone it’s rather like Alice taking the bottle labelled ‘Drink Me’. The page is so minute that sometimes a scanning microscope is required to read it.

What do you do about that, then?

Well, you create sites which are ‘responsive’. That means the code underlying the website identifies the device it is being viewed on and shape-shifts, like a transformer, to rearrange, enlarge and generally make everything more accessible, readable and usable. This is specially noticeable on a mobile phone. Try it.

Now look at your website on a PC or Mac, then look at it on a phone, then a tablet. Did it change shape to fit? Was it always usable? No? Time for a new website!

So if you want to transform your website the same way we transformed ours, give us a call on 0161 766 1742 or complete the form on this site or contact David at

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