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Profitable Internet Marketing – A proven method

In 1995 I made a life-changing decision to leave catering as a career and become an internet marketing specialist.

Today, PIMdesign work with our long-established clients to see real results, return on investment and to help the businesses work smartly.

Take one of our clients. This long-established firm repairs and services watches of all brands. Most of its work comes from jewellery shops.

But several years ago our client agreed to move onto the internet and offer the service direct to the public.

At that time, I made it clear to the client that success would require patience, testing and above all, the removal of every barrier/buyer beware signal to succeed.

Sending off your watch for repair or battery replacement is for some a difficult concept to grasp. The watch is often of sentimental value, could be an heirloom, possibly of high value.

I even sat in Starbucks, offering to pay for customers coffees in return for a little market research.

Market research confirmed that the face to face experience of handing the watch to a shop keeper was more reassuring than sending off the watch in the post.

The price was only part of the equation. Customers were looking for reassurance.

In my next post, I’ll describe how we helped this new brand achieve a 4X ROI.

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