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A Proven Method – Part Two by PIMdesign

In my last post I said I would describe how, together with our client, we achieved a 4X ROI.Our client's workshop is run by experienced horologists. Their workbenches are clean and organised, they have to be.Watches come into their workshop every day and are carefully checked, recorded and assigned job numbers.The challenge for us involved overcoming the [...]

Profitable Internet Marketing – A proven method

In 1995 I made a life-changing decision to leave catering as a career and become an internet marketing specialist. Today, PIMdesign work with our long-established clients to see real results, return on investment and to help the businesses work smartly. Take one of our clients. This long-established firm repairs and services watches of all brands. [...]

PIM – It stands for Profitable Internet Marketing

When I first got into the internet business, as an early adopter, my concern and those around me was all about how you could turn a profit from the internet and what was meant by internet marketing. It's all very well saying that you have a website, but these days high streets are feeling the pinch with prices being driven down so low that that the vendors [...]
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