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PIM – It stands for Profitable Internet Marketing

When I first got into the internet business, as an early adopter, my concern and those around me was all about how you could turn a profit from the internet and what was meant by internet marketing.

It’s all very well saying that you have a website, but these days high streets are feeling the pinch with prices being driven down so low that that the vendors appear to be paying you to take their goods!

So hence the name that we’ve used since 1995, Profitable internet Marketing or PIM for short.

We have a number of arms to our services here at PIM with the main one being PIMdesign. You’ll find the site here at .

We specialise in hosting, designing and marketing websites.

Hosting starts for most sites from just £100 plus VAT per annum and that includes the hosting of the site and email.

Over the coming weeks and months I’m going to share with you information about our various services, some case studies and best practice.

If you have any questions, just get in touch … we’d love to hear from you.

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