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Social Media builds Credibility, Authority the PIM Way

Many of our clients get ever so caught up with the world of social media, not really fully appreciating the complex world and art of online communication.

Whatever your service or products, don’t try to sell .. better to tell!

Tell your readers about the service or review of the products. Tell them the good the bad and the ugly.. tell them as it is.

You see the power of social media is about credibility, authority and get your voice heard.

Friends, clients and colleagues likely trust your judgement in your field of expertise, they listen to what you have to say and make decisions based on what they here and see.

Take for instance a friend telling you that they had a fantastic meal last night at Jacks Bistro. The power of that referral, recommendation cannot be underestimated.

Likewise good businesses offering a cracking good value service are hard to come by. So when you hear about one your all ears!

PIMdesign love social media.. we love its reach, its influence, its power and the low costs and flexibility.

Our technique of writing is from the heart, inspirational, passionate and readable.

When we post articles we want the readership to share it, tell others about what they read and comment on the funny things, the controversial topics and those that inspire them.

Everyone has something to say about what they do, did, are going to do or wish they did. They have thoughts to on what they saw, didn’t see, what they hear and what others have to say.

We love to write about services and products and make a point of disseminating our articles via channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and our clients blogs and newsletters.

If you’d like us to do that for you too, just drop me a line and we’ll be happy to help.

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