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Posts from June 2017

Password management in Smartermail

Smartermail allows administrators and individuals to set and reset passwords. There is also a method of password recovery. The System Admin is responsible for setting password policy. It is important that passwords are strong and, although Smartermail does not have its own strong password generator (yet!), there are many online generators available from, [...]

Smartermail as a browser-based mail client

One of the features of Smartermail that many users are not aware of, or have forgotten, is that it has a fully-fledged web interface.Some of our users ONLY use the web interface. You log in using your full email address and password. You will need to follow the simple steps to configure your web server and also decide on the address such as [...]

Smartermail 16.x released

Earlier this year Smartertools released the long-awaited version 16.x of Smartermail. As users, resellers and providers of Smartermail for several years, we see this as a key product and service we provide to our own users. New versions of software are notoriously prone to bugs and teething problems; this is normal. So we have made a decision to [...]
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