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Profitable Internet Marketing – A proven method

In 1995 I made a life-changing decision to leave catering as a career and become an internet marketing specialist. Today, PIMdesign work with our long-established clients to see real results, return on investment and to help the businesses work smartly. Take one of our clients. This long-established firm repairs and services watches of all brands. [...]

The Power of Social Media

Nowadays great examples of blogs and social media can be found all over the internet. Take a look at this site Fifty Four and Counting This website offers reviews about travel restaurants, hotels and attractions. By posting content and sharing those reviews across social media channels the site gains visitors. Those visitors are being influenced by the [...]

What’s the Maximum Email size that I can send and why?

Some of our Smartermail users wish to send and receive many or large attachments to their emails. The limit on the Smartermail server, unless otherwise arranged, is 10mb per email to send. Why is this? Each email sent and any attachments is first scanned for viruses. A large file will take time and also processing. In addition, the size of a file adds [...]

Typical Daily Management Tasks with Smartermail

Let's look at a typical day at PIMdesign. Firstly, we have more than 150 domains and more than 1000 users. Some use IMAP, some use POP, some only have one device, some have several. Some even use webmail exclusively. So, in any one day, we can get several questions: What's my password or so and so's? Well, soon, by law, I won't be able to tell [...]

Smartermail 17 is coming

Smartertools announcement of Smartermail 17 came as a bit of a surprise. Ater all, we receive almost weekly updates to SM16. Although Smarter 16 seems to have stabilised, we still haven't chosen to upgrade our main web server to it and we persevere with the trusty old Smartermail 15. Will the advent of v17 change all this? Well, I can't believe [...]

Smartermail customisation

Did you know you have options in Smartermail 15x to change the look of your web interface? You can customise it with your own logo and also change the colour scheme. The simplest change is the colour change via Settings/Personalization/Colors. You can also add some fancy styling using the CSS option here but it can cause issues. You can also create [...]

Smartermail restore feature

If you have a folder that is corrupted or maybe  you manually deleted or moved a large number of emails outside the Smartermail interface, then the Restore feature of the Manage menu is very useful. Just select it, enter email address and then the folder that requires restoring using '/' to indicate a folder hierarchy: so /inbox/2016 or /sent items/ABC [...]

Password management in Smartermail

Smartermail allows administrators and individuals to set and reset passwords. There is also a method of password recovery. The System Admin is responsible for setting password policy. It is important that passwords are strong and, although Smartermail does not have its own strong password generator (yet!), there are many online generators available from, [...]

Smartermail as a browser-based mail client

One of the features of Smartermail that many users are not aware of, or have forgotten, is that it has a fully-fledged web interface.Some of our users ONLY use the web interface. You log in using your full email address and password. You will need to follow the simple steps to configure your web server and also decide on the address such as [...]

Smartermail 16.x released

Earlier this year Smartertools released the long-awaited version 16.x of Smartermail. As users, resellers and providers of Smartermail for several years, we see this as a key product and service we provide to our own users. New versions of software are notoriously prone to bugs and teething problems; this is normal. So we have made a decision to [...]
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