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A Proven Method – Part Two by PIMdesign

In my last post I said I would describe how, together with our client, we achieved a 4X ROI.

Our client’s workshop is run by experienced horologists. Their workbenches are clean and organised, they have to be.

Watches come into their workshop every day and are carefully checked, recorded and assigned job numbers.

The challenge for us involved overcoming the genuine fear of sending a precious watch off for battery or repair. It needed us to create a complete door to door solution that would exceed the customers’ expectations. Relieve them of worry, convince them that their watch was in the care of time served professionals and that it absolutely would come back to them in a timely manner.

An online marketing campaign was needed to get clients to even consider an alternative way of getting their watch repaired.

To begin with, we ran a highly targeted Adword campaign. Our goal was to ensure that the cost to acquire a sale was less than the cost of repair.

We ensured that as part of the campaign we captured reviews that would reinforce the service. Tracking by the client ensured that the customer knew exactly where the watch was at any point in time.

The rotating of adverts, creating specific landing pages to focus on brands, search engine optimisation and constant tweaking of the flow to order were just some of the things ongoing.

We constantly make changes to the site to improve the customer’s journey, to reassure and inform and everything we do is evidence-based.

Our forward-thinking client, in a bid to further exceed customers expectations had branded watch boxes made so that watches would be returned in pristine condition. Our discussions, market research and regular contact drove us to conclude that door to door pickup by DHL all included in the cost further reassured the customers.

I asked our long-standing client to tell others why they should use PIMdesign and what the experience has been like to date.

This is what he said… “The most important aspect of working with PIMdesign is the way in which we, as a client, feel treated as a partner along the journey and not just a customer who gets a product or service and a bill at the end of the month. The journey from conception to result, which is ever-morphing and adapting, is one that provides professional, experienced advice and knowledge as well as clear communication. The road to a great ROI for us was clearly mapped from the beginning and along the way we have evolved and grown the initial idea into a great business – this we could not have done without PIMdesign.”

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