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Pimdesign Partnership with SmarterTools

SmarterTools began as a way for web hosting companies to provide reliable, powerful and fully functional email and web analytics software that was both simple to understand for end users and easy install and manage for network administrators. As such, the hosting industry was SmarterTools’ first natural vertical market, and now, with three well established products—SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats—each built for multi-tenancy, automation, density and stability, SmarterTools has grown to become a leading provider of software for the hosting industry as well as tens of thousands of small to medium-sized businesses worldwide.

You can purchase a wide range of SmarterTools products from this website at a discount. Please follow these links to see our prices:

SmarterTools Product Integrations

SmarterTools provides a comprehensive API, exposed via Web services, in order to facilitate integration with a number of different third-party applications. As a result, more and more developers are finding it easy to tie our products into their own interfaces.Management Consoles and Control Panels

As SmarterTools products are some of the most widely used by Web hosts and ISPs around the world, leading management consoles and control panels find it imperative to include integrations with all three SmarterTools products.

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