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Smartermail’s big spam stopper – greylisting

I like greylisting, not least of all because it’s a British invention which forces the Americans to spell ‘grey’ as ‘grey’ not ‘gray’; but joking apart: Greylisting is a technique which ON A PER USER basis looks at the email sender’s address and, if not encountered previously within a specified time period, rejects the email and asks the [...]

Password management in Smartermail

Smartermail allows administrators and individuals to set and reset passwords. There is also a method of password recovery. The System Admin is responsible for setting password policy. It is important that passwords are strong and, although Smartermail does not have its own strong password generator (yet!), there are many online generators available from, [...]

Smartermail as a browser-based mail client

One of the features of Smartermail that many users are not aware of, or have forgotten, is that it has a fully-fledged web interface.Some of our users ONLY use the web interface. You log in using your full email address and password. You will need to follow the simple steps to configure your web server and also decide on the address such as [...]

Smartermail 16.x released

Earlier this year Smartertools released the long-awaited version 16.x of Smartermail. As users, resellers and providers of Smartermail for several years, we see this as a key product and service we provide to our own users. New versions of software are notoriously prone to bugs and teething problems; this is normal. So we have made a decision to [...]

Social Media builds Credibility, Authority the PIM Way

social media
Many of our clients get ever so caught up with the world of social media, not really fully appreciating the complex world and art of online communication. Whatever your service or products, don't try to sell .. better to tell! Tell your readers about the service or review of the products. Tell them the good the bad and the ugly.. tell them as it [...]

PIMdesign is looking for new clients who want new customers

.. I admit it .. not because we don't have any LOL .. no, because the clients we have say we offer them a professional responsive service at really affordable costs. This week we completed an IOS and Android app, completed a couple of websites, we sent out regular mailshots for our clients, continued to keep our clients SEO results on the first page and [...]

PIMdesign – Design, Hosting and Marketing

Let's be clear..  there can be nothing more dissatisfying than a website that runs slow, fails to work as expected and a service provider that doesn't answer your calls. There is a discernible difference between a cheap mass hosting provider and one like PIMdesign. PIMdesign is a small team of people that care. We are genuinely passionate about [...]

PIM – It stands for Profitable Internet Marketing

When I first got into the internet business, as an early adopter, my concern and those around me was all about how you could turn a profit from the internet and what was meant by internet marketing. It's all very well saying that you have a website, but these days high streets are feeling the pinch with prices being driven down so low that that the vendors [...]

PIMdesign Partners with SmarterTools

PIMdesign Partners with SmarterTools UK based PIMdesign has partnered with SmarterTools Inc. to distribute SmarterTools software as an authorised reseller. Under the terms of the partnership, PIMdesign will resell the SmarterTools product line, including the SmarterMail mail server, SmarterStats Web log analytics and SEO software, and SmarterTrack [...]

PIMdesign reboots its website

There's an old adage that gardners' gardens are overgrown, hairdressers are unkempt and web designers' websites are never updated. We decided to give the lie to that adage (even though we kind of made it up ourselves a little). So, welcome to the new-look PIMdesign, responsive, gob-smacking, knock-me-down-with-a-feather website! At last, our own [...]
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