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Smartermail – the battle against the spammers

Spam filters can never be 100% efficient. Smartermail has the ability for system administrators to see the recent traffic passing through the spool. It will quickly identify Its and mail servers which have sent or attempted to send higher levels of email through the server. Sometimes this reveals certain tell-tale patterns of spam. A good indicator is a number of consecutive or closely numbered IP addresses sending the same number of emails.

A quick look-up of the IP on a site like MXToolbox will reveal whether an IP is blacklisted by a number of blacklists. We go for at least three before we definitely identify an IP as spam; often, an IP is shown to be on many blacklists.

it is then a simple matter of clicking on the Actions link and choosing blacklist IP (or block inbound SMTP in in the inbound senders list) of the spool dashboard and they won’t be bothering you again.


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