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Typical Daily Management Tasks with Smartermail

Let’s look at a typical day at PIMdesign.

Firstly, we have more than 150 domains and more than 1000 users. Some use IMAP, some use POP, some only have one device, some have several. Some even use webmail exclusively.

So, in any one day, we can get several questions:

What’s my password or so and so’s?

Well, soon, by law, I won’t be able to tell anyone and they will need to retrieve their own password. But that question will persist and they won’t like the response. So I am going to send a mass mailing to everyone asking them to ensure they have a secondary password set up. This will mean that the password reset request will go to their secondary password. Mass mailing is available from the admin Manage menu.

My email bounced. Why is that?

Can be a number of reasons but I usually have to check the logs. Common reasons are a) Misspelled email address b) Misconfigured email client c) They are being blocked by the recipient’s server d) They need their SPF record set up or changed e) The recipient’s mailbox is full

Other tasks are set by us:

Check the queue is moving and if there is anything out of the ordinary which might indicate an email hack or a problem with an account or a full quota.
Check inbound IPs for spammers and use a blacklist lookup website to see if 3 or more blacklists list this IP. If satisfied add them to the block list.
Send reminders to any domain owners whose disk allocation is over 95% and ask to archive or purchase more space.

Each day is different but there is always something.

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