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Smartermail 16.x released

Earlier this year Smartertools released the long-awaited version 16.x of Smartermail.

As users, resellers and providers of Smartermail for several years, we see this as a key product and service we provide to our own users.

New versions of software are notoriously prone to bugs and teething problems; this is normal. So we have made a decision to install version 16.x on our own backup mail server so we could familiarise ourselves with it and give it time to ‘settle down’ before we launched it for our customers.

Version 16.x of Smartermail is available alongside 15.x. You can purchase either version in all their variations from us on the SmarterMail product page.

In reality, 15.x and 16.x look like two different products – the interface for 16.x has been completely redesigned for a world in which many people now use mobile rather than desktop devices. Everything is big and chunky but also familiar.

Underneath the bonnet (or hood, if you insist) the code has been completely rewritten promising greater speed and efficiency. It takes a while to get used to the new layout. However, if you don’t like it, SmarterTools have released API documentation which will allow you, with a bit of work, to customise the entire user experience. In theory, you could write your own version using the API to do the heavy lifting.

One of the improvements which admins will appreciate are pages where several functions are visible at a time and can be configured from one screen, whereas in 15x these functions would require clicking through several menu items

For those who want to use SmarterMail as the basis for an enterprise level central communication hub, Smartermail 16.x now offers Team Workspaces. As SmarterTools say on their website: “That means integrating web conferencing and turning SmarterMail into a truly unified communications platform”. This includes a live video element, chat, screen sharing and whiteboarding.

So, if you are thinking of buying SmarterMail or any of SmarterTools’ other products, hop over to our product page to see our special pricing.

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